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Amasa Hartwell and Mary Patch

Amasa Hartwell 3rd was born at Groton,Massachusetts June 29,1807.The fourth child of Amasa and Abigail[Blood]Hartwell.He died Sept.7,1896.Amasa was a carpenter and farmer in Groton and adjoining towns.He married Mary Patch of Hollis,New Hampshire Dec.9,1830,and in 1852,bought the Village View farm on Old Milford road in Amherst, N.H., where they lived until 1865. Amasa and Mary had four children. Mary died March 31,1881, at Dunstable, MA. Amasa married his second wife, Mrs Lucy Ann (Gates)Tatman of Westboro, MA. March 1,1883, recorded both at Groton and Worcester, MA. At the age of 77, Amasa became a father again. A daughter, Ida Elvira,was born to he and wife Lucy on June 17,1884.(Ma. VR's 350:103); n.f.r. (This is believed to be a record for oldest Hartwell father!)

Amasa's father, Amasa Hartwell jr.,of Shirley, Mass.was a soldier in the war of 1812. He was born 26 March,1782 and died Sept.21,1848. He married Abigail Blood of Chelmsford April 1,1802. In his early married life he owned a farm in the westerly section of Shirley, which provided a comfortable home had his habits allowed him to retain it; but intemperance, joined with thriftlessness, claimed him as their victim, so that his latter were his worst days. On the day he died he was thrown from a wagon in which he was riding, and his neck was broken.

Amasa's grandfather, Josiah Blood of Chelmsford, was a veteran of Lexington-Concord, Bunker Hill, and Valley Forge.

Sons of Amasa and Mary

Letters from the Amherst farm